RIV2ASCII is a simple command line tool that finds the meaning various letter codes spotted on freight wagons and writes them to the screen. Additionally it also parses axle arrangements (German Style) and UIC numbers for both passenger and freight wagons.

RIV2ASCII is released under GPL.
2004-2005 © Gavin Spearhead

Supported typed:

This code is currently in development phase and any help is appreciated, for coding, bug reports as well as additional information on these RIV codes. Send comments to me


Usage: riv2ascii <options> <riv Code>

specify year
parse an axle arrangement
specify number of wheel sets
specify country code by number
specify country code by name
load a file
specify HTML output
specify plain text output
interactive mode
parse UIC-number
Set the file used for command line history
-dSet the level of debug information
By default, the file files.rc is read

Download source code here (version 0.1.4)

The RIV codes consists of a main class, written down by one capital letter, and an optional number of small letters, the subclass. E.g. Fals, Saadksm, or Es. The main classes are described in uic_c.df; the sub-classes in uic_s.df. In uic.cnt the coutry codes for the origin of the wagons are described, e.g. DBAG is 80 (Germany), NS is 84 (Netherlands) and 76 is NSB (Norway).