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Acrostichon @ Little Devil, Tilburg, 22 September 2019

Two bands were celebrating this afternoon gig on a warm Sunday in Tilburg. Acrostichon exists 30 for 30 years, although they have been inactive for some time and their latest new material is from the 90s. Their debut album is still one of the best Dutch death metal albums. And Pentacle who also existed for […]

Dokk’em Open Air 2019, Dokkum, 29 june 2019

A two-day festival that takes place all the way up north in the country. The line-up wasn’t all that interesting. Except for one particular band, namely King Diamond on Saturday. I skipped the Friday entirely and only went on Saturday, even skipping most of the afternoon, in part because the line-up wasn’t very interesting and […]

De Raggende Manne @Paard, Den Haag, 13 April 2019

After many, many years the legendary band De Raggende Manne have released a new album. And a tour through the Netherlands was planned. Shortly before the start of the tour, singer Bob Fosko was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Nevertheless they opted to do the tour and plan Bob’s treatments to effect the tour as little […]

Thanatos, 16 March 2019, Baroeg, Rotterdam

Another day, another gig. Thanatos were celebrating their 35 years anniversary in their home-town of Rotterdam. The Baroeg was already quite full when I arrived. The first band of the evening was Graceless. A relatively new death metal band, playing rather slow old school death metal. It’s based around mostly a simple riff and straightforward […]

Schoonebeek Death Fest, 1 September 2018, Schoonebeek

The Schoonebeek Death Fest is a relatively new and quite small outdoor festival. I think it is the second installment, and they aimed at 400 visitors. I’m not sure there were that many tho. Nevertheless, they organised a interesting line-up, featuring a number of bands from the Raw Skull records roster, who organised the festival, […]

Hamferd @ Little Devil, Tilburg, 14 February 2018

Another week, another gig. This time around, the doom death band Hamferð were touring Europe as special guest of the Downfall of Gaia. They had just released their new album, and promoted it in Tilburg on this Wednesday evening. As usual with this club the gig started more than half an hour later than scheduled. […]

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