Maand: juni 2013

Grave @ Baroeg, January 2005

It has been quite a while since I saw Grave, their previous tour in 2003 got cancelled somehow. But now they’re back to promote their latest, excellent album “Fiendish Regression”. But first the support acts. Opening act were Katafalk, from Groningen. Their thrashy death metal (and not death/black as on the flyer) was pretty good […]

Decapitated @ Baroeg, February 2005

The Ultimate Domination tour featuring Decapitated and three other Polish bands came to Rotterdam, so it was time for me to visit the Baroeg once more. The opening band of this Sunday afternoon gig were Crionics. A black / death metal band with keyboards, seemingly highly inspired by Emperor. Not that I could hear that […]

Kreator @ 013, February 2005

After the release of their latest album ‘Enemy of God’ it was time for Kreator to tour the world and provide a display of what thrash metal means. At 18 february the band came to 013 in Tilburg, with 3 supports. I can be very short about the first two supports. I didn’t know them […]

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