• Bolt Thrower – My all-time favourite band. The masters of Death Metal. I maintain the Bolt Thrower FAQ (link earlier on this line). The music can be best described as old school death metal using downtuned buzzsaw riffs over military, march-like rhythms. The lyrics are mostly about War and all its consequences. So the term War-metal is sometimes used to describe their music. (Official website here)
  • Ultimate guitar – Guitar tabs galore.
  • Metal Archives – Everything about metal bands .
  • Discogs – My album collection.
  • Metalfan – Dutch online metal magazine
  • Zware metalen – Dutch online metal magazine
  • Doom metal – Doom metal magazine
  • Dark lyrics – Metal lyrics site
  • Humour

    • Dilbert – Interesting cartoon. Every CS engineer should read this.
    • Failblog – General mishaps
    • Jargon File – A comprehensive list of hackers’ jargon.
    • Darwin Awards – If you know any one who did something really stupid and died because of it (or put in other words: removed himself from the gene pool), you can nominate him for the Darwin Awards.



  • Project Gutenberg – Free e-books.
  • – Social site.
  • – Social site.

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