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Disharmonic Orchestra @ Willemeen, Arnhem, 11 May 2024

Disharmonic Orchestra were supposed to headline a festival in the same venue a while back, but unfortunately they had to cancel their appearance and so the festival was left without a headliner. The venue opted to invite them back on this day and add a few bands to the bill. The Frisian band Stoflik Omskot […]

Haunting the Castle V, 17 February 2024, Anthisnes, Belgium

A festival hosted in a 17th century castle in Belgium, near Liege, sounds like something special just for starters. When they invite a couple of bands that rarely play live, it is gonna be even more special. Previous episodes of this festival didn’t have a line-up as cool as this one to travel to Wallonia […]

From Dusk Till Doom Festival, Centre Culturel Engis, Belgium, 7 October 2023

This was the 5th instalment of the Belgian doom metal festival From Dusk Till Doom in ten years time. I had not attended the previous four editions, as they have been over a 3 hour drive. For this edition they had – or so I understood – invited the 7 best acts from the previous […]

In the Grip of Winter Fest 2023, 4 March 2023, Baroeg, Rotterdam

It was already the fourth instalment of this small festival in the Baroeg in Rotterdam, with a mixture of extreme metal bands performing on single day. Six bands were scheduled, however one band – Grindpad – cancelled shortly before the event. So everything started an hour later than planned. The opening band was Deadspeak. A […]

Headbangers Ball Tour 2022, Fluor, Amersfoort, 23 November 2022

Another postponed tour finally took place. The Headbangers Ball Tour – named after the TV show of the 80s and 90s – brought four thrash metal bands on the road from that time period. Although only about 10 shows long, the tour kicked off in Amersfoort of all places. The opening band was Artillery. By […]

Dutch Doom Day (Day 1), Saturday 5 November 2022, Baroeg Rotterdam

This year was already the 20th installment of the Dutch doom metal festival Dutch Doom Day. For me the first day was the only really interesting day. So I only went to the Saturday. The Sunday incidentally had three gigs I more or less wanted to go to, but from the line-up of DDD only […]

Netherlands Death Fest V, Effenaar, Eindhoven, 29 April – 1 May 2022,

When the lineup NDF V got announced, I immediately bought tickets for the whole weekend, as that line-up was the most amazing I could imagine with many bands I wanted to see but never had. Then the Wuhan cough happened, and the fest got postponed a year. And another. Some bands already dropped off the […]

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