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I Am Morbid, Baroeg, Rotterdam, 3 August 2023

There are not that many bands touring these days, post-corona and with the high-inflation. During the festival season some bands play some club gigs in between festival occurrences. That was what I Am Morbid was doing. The club arranged some opening acts. The first band was the Dutch band Ecocide. They released one album some […]

Day 1 Graveland Festival, Hollandsche Veld, 26 May 2023

Graveland is now one of the three metal fest in the area of southern Drente in the Netherlands. Quite odd as it is one of the least inhabited provinces of the Netherlands. Anyway, this years edition was primarily interesting for the headliner of the Friday, namely Dismember. The Saturday was headlined by Paradise Lost, which […]

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