Flotsam and Jetsam @ Musicon, The Hague, 2 October 2023

It was 7 years ago when Flotsam And Jetsam played this same venue. They are kind of cult thrash band, whose first two albums are classic and very much have a style of their own. And the returned on this relatively hot autumn Monday to Musicon.

The support act was from the Dutch thrash metal band Hallowed Fire. Even though it is quite run-off-the-mill thrash metal, it was kind of fun. The band is all still quite young. The singer tried to engage the audience all the time and that kind of work too. They played their music solidly, Not bad, not great.

Then after a short change over, it was time for Flotsam & Jetsam. After an intro, they started with Hammerhead, the opening track of the first album. Musically it was all tight and fast, vocally, age seems to have plagued Erik a bit. He already sings quite few notes lower than he used to, but his high notes sound very forced and distorted. Even though on the set list it said Iron Maiden (not a cover) they played Dreams of Death instead which was later on the set. And they kept changing the order of the songs. They added some new songs of their latest album too – which I have not heard, like most of their album after the first three. They sounded already but tended more to sound like Iron Maiden than thrash metal. She Took an Axe, I Live You Die. Suffer the Masses from the third LP is a bit of an odd song, but quite cool. That album has some quality songs. The set ended with the two title tracks of their first two albums. So all in all quite a good gig.

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