Maand: oktober 2023

Paradise Lost, Primordial @ Tivoli, Utrecht, 15 October 2023

Under the name Ultima Ratio Fest four bands went on a European tour for two weeks, which ended in Utrecht, The Netherlands. They played at the same day Europe was headlining a gig in the same venue. So quite some rockers and metalheads in the building. Last time I saw Paradise Lost was in the […]

From Dusk Till Doom Festival, Centre Culturel Engis, Belgium, 7 October 2023

This was the 5th instalment of the Belgian doom metal festival From Dusk Till Doom in ten years time. I had not attended the previous four editions, as they have been over a 3 hour drive. For this edition they had – or so I understood – invited the 7 best acts from the previous […]