Cavalera @ 013, Tilburg, 15 November 2023

I never got to see Sepultura live when they were still a great thrash metal band. And I missed the tour they did a couple of years back where the Cavalera brothers played Beneath the Remains and Arise live. When they announced this new tour where they would play Bestial Devastation and Morbid Visions material, I bought a ticket quickly as I expected it to sell out quite early. Which turned out to be true.

The opening band of the evening was Incite. Their singer Richie is the Max’s stepson. So I guess that would be the prime reason they were on this tour. Musically it wasn’t all that interesting. Some thrash, but mostly groove metal. Here and there some interesting drum fills, or guitar solos, but other than that nothing interesting.

Cavalera, or the Real Sepultura as Max called it, started after a quick change of the stage. Max was dressed like it was 1984 again with leather and spikes (and a few pounds extra). After the intro, they started with Bestial Devastation and worked their way through the whole EP. The songs are quite simple but they work out well. on the early 80s recordings, it sounded a bit more chaotic and frantic. Yet the songs still work. Antichrist is a raging song, Necromancer early black metal. After Warriors of Death, and the new song on the re-recording, they went off stage and Oh Fortuna sounded in memory of Max and Igor’s mother. Then they returned to play Morbid Visions. The songs are a bit more complex – but still simple enough. Even though Max plays the faster parts usually half-time when he has to sing too. They played all the songs except for Troops of Doom. After Empire of the Damned, they again left the stage briefly. Only to return and play a part of Inquisition Symphony and then Escape to the Void. Maybe they’d tour with a Schizophrenia set some day?. The next couple of songs were quite different – mostly a medley of some of the popular songs. Innerself was played only half, Refuse / Resist and Territory were also cut short. They concluded their set with the song they left out before, viz. Troops of Doom, with a big sneer to the band that currently is active as Sepultura. Quite a good show. And good to fill in some gaps of bands I missed in the past.

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