Napalm Death @ Tivoli De Helling, 13 May 2005

The first date of the Napalm Death European tour was in Utrecht, the Netherlands – in a place called De Helling where I had never been before. The place was pretty neat actually. But not everything was alright this evening. First there was a support band (Destiny IIRC) announced, but they didn’t show up. So at 21.30 Napalm Death started without the crowd being warmed up yet. Second Danny forgot half his drumkit, so he was playing with a single bass drum (altho he was kicking with his left leg). Nevertheless he was playing an acoustic set (no triggers) which made the sound overall better. The sound actually was quite good.

Kicking off with a bunch of classic tracks – Instinct of Survival and Unchallenged Hate – set the atmosphere for the night, altho the crowd response was a bit mild at first (the lack of a support band?). Barney was very talkative during the songs and uttered his typical political wordings. The setlist was a pretty good mixture of old an new tracks (and one of the mid-era ND- breed to breathe). Surprisingly there was nothing of the Enemy of the Music Business album. But instead we got the Vision Conquest from the Harmony Corruption album. In some songs a backstage guitarists seems to play along with the tracks too. Further, Barney confused the days he was playing on – he insisted on it being a saturday, while it was only friday, until Mitch informed him of his error.

Setlist (afaik – but not in order)

  • Instinct of Survival
  • Unchallenged Hate
  • Continueing War On stupidity
  • Nacroleptic
  • Vegetative State
  • The Code Is Red… Long Live The Code
  • Mass Appeal Madness
  • The World Keeps turning
  • LowLife
  • Breed to Breathe
  • Suffer The Childred
  • Silence Is Deafening
  • Right You Are
  • Blind Justice
  • Vision Conquest
  • From Enslavement to Obliteration
  • Scum
  • Life?
  • The Kill
  • Deceiver
  • You Suffer
  • the great and the Good
  • Encores:
  • Instruments of Persuasion
  • Nazi punks fuck off
  • Siege of Power
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