Dismember gig in the Baroeg, November 2004

I went to a dismember concert this weekend in the Baroeg, Rotterdam. I was late due to some fuckhead commiting suicide by throwing himself before a train on the trajectory I had to take… hence I missed half of the opening band Fall Of Serenity (ger) who were a last minute replacement for Sanatorium (cze). Terrible muddy sound, and rather straightforwarded brutal dm. Not really interesting.
Anata are a swedish dm band that have quite some technical skill in their brutal dm, tho not as much as Spawn of Possession (who are really amazing – go check out some mp3s or so). A solid show further I sorta liked them but not enough to make me buy their cd.
Third were australia’s psychroptic. Who were more brutal dm w/ little melody. rather dull to mine ears.
Finally there was dismember, a whole different cup of tea than the supports. kicking in w/ where ironcrosses grow and playing many classics this time, more than in tilburg a few months ago. Only futher of WIG were where angels fear to treat and the maidenesque tragedy of the faithful. The further played: skin father, dreaming in red, of fire, soon to be dead, casket garden, skin her alive, misanthropic, one song I didn’t know (something I thought had wings in the title, but I can’t find it on their website – probably of HC or MKC). Plus the encores: the great dismembered and override the overture. Two of the best songs they’ve written. Pretty great show, certainly better than in Tilburg, even tho there weren’t as many ppl (probaby due to that it was thrusday and they played earlier this year in …) And Matti wasn’t irritating with wanting every one to “yeah yeah” all the time.
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