Suffocation at the baroeg, December 2004

The first band for the night was Brutus, which I had seen a few times before and I still think are as dull as soft porn. Anyway, they played a mortician cover again, which was probably their best song of the night.

Next up was prostitute disfigurement, which is pretty standard brutal death metal but with some melody and some weird lyrics ‘better rotting away than being gay’ and a psyched singer, who has a weird look in his eyes and likes to spank his monkey as he is indicating the movement quite often.

O well, then it was time for the might suffocation, who visited the Baroeg before some 6 months or so ago. Lots of classics were played, esp of the debut CD and quite a few new songs. This time they also played a few tracks of the despise the sun EP. All in all a great gig and definitely worth the E12.

Set list

  • – Infecting the Crypts
  • – Effigy of the Forgotten
  • – Liege of Inveracity
  • – Breeding the spawn
  • – Pierced From Within
  • – Despise the Sun
  • – Funeral inception
  • – Thrones of Blood
  • – deceit
  • – Surgery of impalement
  • – demise of the clone
  • – tomes of acrimony

maybe a few more…

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