Krisiun gig in 013, October 2004

Opening were Ragnarok, as Norwegian (?) black metal band who I thought were kinda cheesy. Not my thing, but not really bad. Next up were Incantation. Due to personal problems, their drummer left shortly before the show and they had only half an hour to rehearse with the new one. So they only played a short set, 6 or so songs. Nonetheless the drummer did a great job, as far as I can tell he didn’t make many mistakes… except at one time you could see him look puzzled… ‘what the fuck should I do now? hhhmmmm ok let’s hit this…’

Then it was time for Behemoth, which I didn’t know except for an album I had on tape a long time ago. They took 40 mins to set up their gear and then finally started to play. Agian not really my type of music, kinda black death metal.

An hour later or so Krisiun came on stage. the band that I wanted to see (tho I was curious about Behemoth, as I had heard good things about them). This time they played on an acoustic drumset (there was a trigger apparatus, but I didn’t hear any trgigered sounds or notice any trigger pads and mics were everywhere). So I guess it was fully acoustic. Anyway, it sounded great – tight, fast and brutal! The played and played a very varied set, songs of almost all their albums except Black force Domain. Max added a drumsolo, reminiscent of the one on the Works of Carnage album. If you ever get the chance you should really go and see them, these two bros are great musicians! The only bad thing about it was the ass-licking speeches from the singer/bassplayer (you are great – thanx thanx thanx bla bla after every song stuff).

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