Incantation et al. @ Baroeg 1 May 2005

Not many people should up on this Sunday gig in the Baroeg, possible the weather had something to do with it, as well as this was only the day after the national holiday “Koninginnedag”; or it was because the bands weren’t too well known. Anyway, there were only some 30 paying customers, I think. At 16.00 the German band Hexenhammer started. I never had heard of them but they were not bad after all. Playing a form of death metal with a bit of an old school touch. For the remainder of the night there were only US bands.

Funerus, another band I had never heard of, was next. Featuring two members of Incancation (namely the guitarist and the drummer) and fronted by female bass player and vocalist Jil McEntree, they played a sludgy death metal style which reminded me a bit of Autopsy / Abscess and of Mortician – the guitars were very low-tuned. After a few songs it became a bit boring though.

The drummer then stayed in his seat and John McEntree switched guitars and with a new bass player on stage (with a huge bass guitar) Incantation was ready to play. They played a mixed set with songs of most albums. Tight and brutal. The highlight for me was “Christening the Afterbirth” -an awesome tune of their debut album. Great performance but a bit too short.

Jungle Rot was up next, having a non-metallic look (caps, shorts, running shoes, etc) I didn’t expect too much and their short sort of death metal, hardcore hybrid songs I didn’t like when I heard them. Strangely enough most of the people showing up like this band the most.

Finally, there was Catastrophic, a side-project of Obituary guitarist Trevor Peres. After two songs I thought it was enough and went home. This was boring. In summa, the first 3 bands were cool, with Incantation being the highlight. Thereafter, it was dull…

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