Pungent Stench @ Baroeg Rotterdam, 30 December 2018

The last gig of this year for me was none other then Pungent Stench (or Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench, well nevermind). They are touring during the X-mas and new-year holidays with 3 other bands.

The first band was an Austrian band, called Irdorath. I hadn’t heard of them before yet they have released 4 four albums in the last 10 years. They are labelled as black metal. Yet the music is generally rather melodic and lacks aggression and very far from grim and frostbitten. Vocally, quite bland and monotonic. Generally well played though, with a few interesting parts.

Also from Austria are Theotoxin. And I hadn’t heard of them before either. Yet they have released two albums in the two years they exist. They blend black and death metal mostly and often rely on blast beats and heavy riffs but have some screechy melodies more accustomed to black metal. Nevertheless the songs aren’t all that memorable.

The only non-Austrian band comes from Belgium, and they are named Carnation. Old school death metal is what they play. There isn’t much original in their music, but they sort of found a niche of their own. Solid riffing, and drums, with interesting bass sections. Only the vocals could be a bit deeper. They did really make an effort to play a great gig. The singer was quite active on stage, drenched in (fake?) blood and extra lights and smoke generators on stage. Maybe I should check out their album.

Then finally it was time for Pungent Stench. I didn’t recognise Martin at first as he shaved his head. He was dressed as a pre-WW2(?) hunter with
with high boots, woolen trousers and shells on his guitar band. They bass player dressed up as Tommy Cooper or so it seems. They opened up with the song Fuck Bizarre of the controversial among fans album Club Mondo Bizarre. I guess they just don’t care and play whatever they like. And rightfully so. The majority of the set consisted of material from the 90s, especially the debut album. The only song from after the reunion was Aztek holidays off the much delayed Smut Kingdom album. Even their possibly weirdest songs Molecular Disembowelment was played as the first encore. Great gig.

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