Grave Miasma @ Baroeg, 28 March 2022

Two days after Thanatos I was in the Baroeg again. This time a short tour with 3 bands, playing quite different styles performed there. And 3 bands that don’t play all that much live around here. The bands were still soundchecking as I arrived, but started right on the scheduled time

The first band was an Italian band I didn’t know beforehand, namely Fuoco Fatuo. They were introduced as playing funeral doom and have already released 3 albums. The stage was adorned with goat skulls and filled with some as they started playing. Well this wasn’t the ordinary melancholic funeral doom, but it has a lot more death metal in it. Somehow it reminded me a bit of Tyranny although the guitar tone it is closer Incantation. The riffs are mostly drawn out like funeral doom, and kept interesting by the drum patterns and fills. Quite an interesting band, I want to check out some more.

The second band was the reason for me to go. The UK death metal band Grave Miasma. Also it was a good time to get their latest album. Anyway cavernous death metal, with lots of fast tremolo picked riffs, twisted melodies with quite some dissonance and lots of atmosphere. And that guitar tone is wicked. Many songs are over 6 minutes long and hence they were only to play 6 songs, half from the latest album the rest consisted of one song of each of the 3 prior releases, culminating in almost 9 minutes long Full Moon Dawn. Great gig.

The headliner of the day were the German one-man band The Ruins of Beverast. They play black doom, yet not very typical for neither black nor doom metal. I couldn’t really get into the band as I listened to their album. So I wasn’t really familiar with their music. They play long drawn out songs, which more focus on atmosphere than riffs and melodies per se. The chanting parts by the guitarists and bassist sounded actually quite cool. Other than that I couldn’t really get into it live either.

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