Onslaught @ Baroeg Rotterdam, 19 March 2023

Onslaught was touring for they were founded 40 years ago or something. That would have been in 2022 So I guess this is one of the tours that got postponed. Anyway, the tour did happen. The original schedule included the band Destroyer 666 but due to some woke shit they got cancelled. Too other bands played as support act.

The opening band was the Dutch Helleruin. A one man band from the North with live session members. They play black metal. Not the grim and evil type their pictures might suggest but more melodic black metal. Not all that original and even a bit languid at times. They had some good melodies at times. Enjoyable even though I don’t like black metal all that much. The singer was quite active on stage. Not bad for the opening slot.

The second band plays death metal, mostly in the vein early American bands like Death and some Swedish death metal as well. Bodyfarm is a band I never liked much. They sound like run-of-the-mill band. The riffs aren’t all that exciting, well some parts are quite dull. Since their original singer died, they brought in some one else. He sounds okay. It isn’t that they are all that bad. It just has been done too often and mostly a lot better.

So the main attraction were the UK thrashers from Onslaught. Unfortunately the only original band member left Nige Rockett wasn’t playing due to some injure. Much like when I saw them last year on Netherlands Death Fest. Likewise, the singer David Garnett brought his guitar and played rhythm guitar. It is kind of weird to see a band with no original members playing mostly songs they didn’t contribute to in any way. They started off with Let There Be Death which is actually quite a memorable song. Most of the middle part of their set consisted of songs from after their reformation. Their is a little difference in style, a bit rawer, some death metal influences even, but still they write some solid songs – like Destroyer of Worlds or Strike Fast Strike Hard. The last part of the set was the really old stuff, like the smooth Metal Forces, and Power From Hell. They came back to play one more song. Their first song written: Thermonuclear Devastation of the Planet Earth. A very short punkish song. And even though the crowd kept yelling for more songs, they didn’t return to the stage for a second encore even though there was still time left. Pretty good gig, and hopefully Nige will be able to play again soon and they tour with the full band again.

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