Evildead @ Musicon, The Hague, 4 August 2023

Two days, two gigs doesn’t happen a lot these day. Another US band touring around some festival appearances. This time the re-united LA thrasher from Evildead. They brought one support act.

The Belgian Powerstroke had the honours to be the opening band. Last time I saw Evildead, some 13 years ago, they also played with Powerstroke. They play a mixture of styles, mostly groove metal with some thrash and death metal thrown in, but some songs sound closer to grunge. All in all a rather mediocre band ,especially in the songwriting department. The vocals are rather dull and bland too. Only the drummer did some cool fills and some of the guitar leads were interesting.

Evildead had released a new album a few years ago. I don’t think they did any proper touring in Europe for that album. But at least now they are here and reunited in the line-up of The Underworld. The started with a newer song, but obviously there would be classics off the debut album as well. Gone Shooting was the first. The new songs sounded quite good and fitted in stylewise. Maybe a tad slower. Halfway through the gig they even played an entirely new song to be released on a future album. And the drummer messed up his kick pedal through the song. Anyway the old tracks are highly energetic thrash and more so than on the album. Sloe Death isn’t exactly slow. The set closed with 3 old songs The Awakeninng, Process Elimination, and Annihilation of Civilization. Quite a good gig. Hopefully it won’t be another 13 years for them to appear on stage again.

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