Hobb’s Angel Of Death @ Little Devil 2 August 2013

Due to some unfortunate circumstances I missed the gig Hobb’s Angel of Death did in the same venue. So now I got a second chance. So despite the heat I went to Tilburg again. Luckily there was airco in the venue.

The opening act was a local band named Lucifericon. They are a relatively new death metal band, but with more experienced members. The death metal they play has a definite old school feel to it, but it spiced up with some more doomy and atmospheric passages. Not bad, but unfortunately most of the songs end up sounding quite the same. So there is room for improvement.

Then it was time for Peter Hobbs to take the stage. He gathered some new musicians around him to complete the line-up of Hobb’s Angel of Death.  These Aussies have been active mostly in the late 80s and early 90s but some how got reactivated a couple of years back and are even now writing new songs. Never the less they of course played the entire self-titled debut (without the two bonus tracks though). Starting off with Lucifer’s Domain. Their second album was left untouched entirely (probably because hardly any one has heard it as it is impossible to find- and also stylistically a bit different). They threw in a bunch of new songs like Heaven Bleed Off and Drawn and Quartered that sounded quite good, as well as a couple of songs I didn’t recognise such as Son of God and the set closer Abomination. Well despite his 50+ years, Peter still knows how to thrash and he gather a group of really good musicians around him, especially the lead guitarists knows some interesting chops. So a really good gig. Hopefully they’ll record those new songs and release a new album shortly.



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