Hail of Bullets @ Baroeg, 2 November 2013

The old school death metallers of Hail Of Bullets don’t play that many club shows. But now with a brand new album under their belt, they planned a release show in the Baroeg in Rotterdam – the town where two of their members come from.  There were two Dutch support slots added to the gig.

First there was Lucifericon, who I had seen a while back. It is said to be occult death metal, but I didn’t see what the occult part was. Anyway, I skipped have this set since I was not all that impressed last time. Although they have some cool riffs, they don’t seem to be all that capable to write them into really good songs. But I must say their live performance has improved since the previous time.

Second band was a young band who have already released their second album. Bodyfarm plays melodic death metal basically but adds some other influences as well. It sounds a bit generic in the end, like I have heard it all before. Not a bad performance really.

Then at last it was time for the Dutch all-stars band Hail of Bullets. The venue is quite full but not sold out. And so after the intro, it is time for downtuned, old school death metal featuring (former) members of Thanatos, Pestilence, Asphyx and Gorefest, so most of the big names when it comes to Dutch death metal. They opened with a new song and it fits right in with the material from the previous albums. The remainder of the set consists of material from all three albums. Singer Martin van Drunen seems in a good mood and makes his customary jokes on stage. So in all a great gig.


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