Marduk and Immolation @ Baroeg, 13 May 2016

Marduk and Immolation are touring together once again – the fourth time Ross said. I haven’t followed Marduk ever since the late 90s. But I like Immolation quite a bit and they are very solid live. They brought two more bands on this tour. I however missed the first band, Bio-Cancer that started playing at 18.00 which is rather hard to combine with work and traffic around that time is terrible too.

So I arrived when Origin was about to start. Fast and technical are the key words here. Most of the fretboard gymnastics are too hard to follow. On the other hand, there is little room for actual songs and they really lack good riffs. The slower bits are generally more interesting. The singer tried to engage the audience pretty well, and invited stagedivers to come on stage. So a lot of stagediving actually happened. A cool band to see live once, but other than that no too interesting.

Then Immolation took the stage. The started off with a newer song, but followed was mostly a grand tour of all their albums, except Failures for Gods, which is a shame as it has some really good songs on it. That also shows how consistent they have been both and style and quality. Even though I still find the Hernandez era the most impressive. The later material is still very strong as well. It is hard to imagine how Robert Vigna can still play the riffs while swinging his guitar around like a junior Janick Gers. But they played tight, the sound was okay even though the triggered bass drums were a bit loud. All-in-all a very solid gig.

Then it was time for Marduk. I’ve seen them live a few times and they never really impressed me. The earlier albums are okay. And I gave up after the blastfest that is Panzer Division. So I actually know only a few songs they played like Wolves and Materialised in Stone. Which sounded okay. The only track standing out positively was Afrika, which had some good riffs in it.

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