Entrails @ Baroeg, Rotterdam, 26 june 2016

Entrails is one of the many Swedeath bands that started in the early 1990s. They recorded some demos, but never released them and vanished from the scene rather unnoticed in 1998. Some ten years later the band was restarted by guitarist Jimmy and they recorded some demos. 8 years later they released 4 albums and now are doing a couple of club dates among some festival appearances. One of these dates was in the Baroeg in Rotterdam. They didn’t bring any support acts, so the club added a few Dutch bands.

The opening act also plays Swedeath. I always think that Entrapment sounds a lot like Carnage and Nihilist, with chunky riffs and minimal melodies. There is nothing really original in this band, however they play a set of solid entertaining songs. The band however is quiet in between songs and has a bit of static performance. Maybe because it is a Sunday afternoon gig.

Second band of the afternoon is Villainy. They are the odd one out, style-wise as they play a mixture of styles but it doesn’t include any Swedeath. The threesome plays quite decent – apart from a good riff here and there however I can’t get into their music very much. The compositions are just to disjoint.

Then finally Entrails. The venue wasn’t sold out by fare, I estimate less than 100 paying people. Maybe it has something to do with the festival season, maybe with holiday season, but most probably Entrails is too small to draw big crowds. Which is a shame, they would probably be better off touring with as part of a bigger package. Anyway, with a band like this you know what you can expect, even though half the band got just replaced. The HM-2 is very definitive of their sound. And they sound much like Nihilist, and early Entombed, albeit a bit simpler in the songs. The phantasm theme even appears on a couple of their songs. They play they tunes solid, but apart from the bass playing singer the band remains quite static, mostly staring at the fretboard. And with short speeches in between songs they race through their set, which was a broad selection from all four albums. They even added an encore after the regular set, which they didn’t seem to have prepared, so they argued a bit which song to play and eventually settled on The Cemetery Horrors. That is after the drummer got some beer. Solid gig.

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