Destruction, Flotsam & Jetsam @ Iduna, Drachten, 9 October 2016

It’s been nearly six years since I had been in this venue called Iduna. But to see Destruction on this tour it would have to be either this or a day earlier in Rijssen, both mostly equally far away from where I live. Anyway the venue has a brand new, much larger hall than last time. The venue was slowly filling up as I arrived. And the first band just started to play.

That band is the Brazilian all-girl act Nervosa. I had never heard of them before. But apparently they just released their second album. Musically they were not much interesting actually. The songs were rather generic deathrash, too slow and lacking in aggression. The drumming was sloppy, especially the double bass parts.

Next band was Enforcer from Sweden. I had heard of them before, but never actually heard them. Well they play more traditional heavy metal, probably a cross between Judas Priest and Iron Maiden and some early speed metal. Apart from some terribly played guitar solos, it was okay – not really a style I enjoy much.

Flotsam and Jetsam is a very old thrash metal band from the US. I had seen them a couple of months back in The Hague. But even though they sounded for from bad then, they sounded better today. Maybe because they left out the songs from Drift. Obviously they played some new songs for their self-titled album but also mixed in some classic songs, like Hammerhead, Hard on You and Dreams of Death. Of the newer tracks the song Iron Maiden definitely stood out, even reminded me a bit of that other song called Iron Maiden. They ended their set with the classic No Place For Disgrace, but no Doomsday for the Deceiver. Great gig tho.

Then it was time for Destruction. An even older thrash metal band, hailing from Germany. Of the three big German thrash bands, Destruction has always been the least interesting. Never the less they made a few classic thrasher. And it was unthinkable that they would play them this evening. Obviously the opened with a new song – the title track of their latest album. Curse the Gods was the first classic track. They tried to start Nailed to the Cross, but only succeeded properly with the third attempt, which was a bit weird. But I guess it happens. They even played the old instrumental song Thrash Attack that they re-recorded for their latest album. After the regular set they came back to play two more songs, Thrash till Death and Bestial Invasion. A very solid gig.

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