Exodus @ Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, 1 July 2018

It has been more than 10 years ago that I saw Exodus live. I quite following them mostly as I didn’t care that much for the albums after Tempo of the Damned which was released in 2004. Partly because I don’t like Rob Dukes’ vocals, and mostly because the songwriting was subpar with too few good ideas and songs that are too long. But with Zetro now back on vocals the first problem is fixed. They are touring in Europe for a month or so as headliner, so I thought it to be a good idea to check them out. The only Dutch date was in Utrecht.

They bought one support act, which is the UK-based Savage Messiah. I hadn’t heard of them before but they have released 4 albums in 10 years. They play a catchy mixture of more NWOBHM and early thrash metal. Obviously they are skilled musicians, but it all sounds like it has been done before. And the songwriting isn’t all that good.

Then Exodus came on stage. Gary was not there, as he is touring with Slayer, so both Heathen guitarist are handling the guitar duties this time. Both more than capable of playing this material. They opened up with a few newer songs, Funeral Hymn and Blood in Blood out. Which sounded okay, as I wasn’t really familiar with them. The band at least had a blast, the guitarist running all over the place and Zetro smiling the whole time. As the gig processed more and more stage divers came on stage, much to the liking of the band, but not to the roady. Deliver Us From Evil was the first older song they played and the remainder of the set was mostly songs from Bonded By Blood. Only Parasite from Pleasures of the Flesh and the obvious Toxic Waltz from Fabulous Disaster. Too bad though that the title track of latter album was not played. After the regular set they came back, starting with Motorbreath originally by Metallica, followed by Metal Command and Piranha. Quite a great show.

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