Hamferd @ Little Devil, Tilburg, 7 October 2018

Hamferd played this same venue half a year ago. I was very much impressed by their gig, at the time. Then as a support act, now as the headliner. This was the last show of a short tour they did in Europe. The venue added one opening act.

Beyond our Ruins had the honour to open this evening. They play doom metal with some gothic and death metal touches with quita a prominent keyboard in their sound. They focus mostly on the mid tempo range. Musically not all that original. And not all that interesting either. Nevertheless they played well, and got some decent response.

Hamferd took a bit of a long time to set up. And then they needed to change clothes too, as they perform in black suits. Not the most original gimmick but it works for them. Their doom metal is not all that slow mostly, and has lots of progressive touches to keep it interesting. Yet most outstanding of this band are the vocals, Jon is very versatile, with a very solid grunt, clean vocals and even an operatic style vocals. Moreover he seems to relive these vocals on stage too. The rest of the band is a bit more drawn back, into their instrument. I have a hard time remembering the song titles as all the lyrics and titles are in Faraoese. I think they played the entire second album and thereafter a few tunes from Evst and the first EP, as well as one song from an unreleased demo. The latter wasn’t as well arranged as the other tracks. The last track was the psalm made metal track Harra Guð, títt dýra navn og æra, which is a showcase of Jon’s vocal capability. Great gig once again.

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