Diamond Head @ De Flux, Zaandam, 26 October 2018

Diamond Head are one of the first NWOBHM band, yet they are best known through the covers Metallica played. Back in the early 80s they had everything, yet they never gained the success like some of the other NWOBHM band like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Anyway, for a while they have resurfaced and are actively touring. I saw them a year ago or so and was quite impressed by that gig. So, when they announced a new European tour, I was eager to go. The nearest venue for me was in Zaandam. It had been a long time ago since I have been there, it was still called De Kade back then and I didn’t really recognise the place. Quite a nice venue. The information provided was a bit scarce.

I arrived at the time the show would start, but then the first band was already almost done. So I got two hear a song or two of Statement. They play more hard rock than metal. So it didn’t bother me much. The second band was also not really interesting, the UK band Gin Annie, they also play more hard rock.

So then it was time for Diamond Head. They opened with Borrowed Time off the album of the same name, which starts a bit mellow, but is a great song. It was followed by a bit of an odd choice in Dead Reckoning off an EP. A couple of songs of their last album were played through out the set as well. They sound bit more modern but still stylistically similar to the original sound. The vocalist had a bit of a cold, which was somewhat audible. Other than that it was really good. Helpless was one of the first classic songs they played, and I prefer the originals over the cover versions. Brian’s bluesy guitar tone and playing style is quite distinct and definitive of their music. There are some riffs in these songs that are definitively precursor to thrash metal. They played nearly the entire Lightning to the Nations album again. With The Prince and Am I Evil? at the end of the set. Only to come back for an encore in the form of Sucking Your Love. Great gig really.

Afterwards the 3rd support act would be playing, which was some post-rock band. I didn’t wait for them to play really.

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