De Raggende Manne @ Kaderock, The Hague, 1 June 2019

After finishing their april tour for the new album, De Raggende Manne did a few festival appearances. Of which Kaderock, organised by Musicon was one. I didn’t really care much for the other bands so I took my bike to go there just to see De Manne. They had a few guest appearances this time as well, but not as many as previously. De Manne improvised through the set. Hence every time the songs are some what different. Nevertheless they remain all quite recognisable. Zand opened the gig, followed by a few new songs. For Lullen bij de Bus, they had a saxophone player as guest and the song ended in a small saxophone vs trumpet battle. Het rijdt niet featured George Kooymans of the Golden Earring on guitar and backup vocals. And for Poep in je Hoofd, a white rapper was on stage whom I hadn’t never heard of, but he sang it normally. Pierre van Duijl was brought on stage to do the accordion and vocals for De Fles to end the set. Well the short 3 seconds blast of Nee’s Niks followed. They came back to play an encore where Ik Vind je Leuk was played twice with vocals handled mostly by the audience. The real conclusion came in the form of Bruine Armen. Quite an entertaining gig again, and quite possible the last appeareance of De Raggende Manne.

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