Possessed @ Baroeg, Rotterdam, 7 June 2019

One of the oldest death metal bands around just released a new album after more than 30 years. To support the album, Possessed are on a short tour through Europe. One of the gigs was in the very hot and full Baroeg venue.

The only support slot was for Norwegian band Nordjevel. A band I had seen a few months ago. They play black metal more or less in the same vein as Marduk. Generally quite fast, lots of blast beats and some melodic riffs. Not entirely my thing, with some interesting riffs and melodies here and there.

After a bit of a long change-over, Possessed took over the stage. The only original member left these days is singer Jeff Becerra. Who appeared to be quite happy to be on stage. Constantly interacting with the crowd. They opened with a new song No More Room in Hell. But obviously most of the set list consists of classic material, such Tribulation, The Exorcist, Death Metal, The Eyes of Horror. All very solidly played. And Jeff’s vocals still sound very powerful much like they used to do, which must be a lot harder to do being bound to wheelchair. Great gig.

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