Varathron @ Baroeg, Rotterdam, 8 June 2019

The second day in a row for me to go to the Baroeg. This time it was Varathron who were playing there. Their gig a year ago was quite good and their debut album is one of the cult classics of Hellenic Black metal. So I was looking forward to seeing them play again.

There were two support slots added. The first was from Belgium. it was written in the ad that the band had hardcore roots, but I could not hear that. Soul Grip plays modern black metal along the lines of Wiegedood. Some semi-acoustic sections are mixed into the generally paced paced music which altogether sounded quite fragmented. The vocals tend to be shouted which I didn’t like that much.

The second band was the Dutch Grafjammer. They play black metal as well but sound very different. I hear some old Bathory and Sodom in here. Some Motorhead even. Short songs with Dutch lyrics that are actually quite fun (some thing that black metal probably isn’t supposed to be after all) and well written. Not something I guess I would enjoy just listing to, but entertaining for live gigs

Then finally it was time for Varathron. Setting up the stage took a long time but nearly half an hour late they were ready. They were promoting their most recent release which is quite a return to form of their first two albums. Ouruboros Dweller of that album was the opening track. Stefan has gathered a group of very good musicians around him who can play these songs quite tightly. Most of the set was dedicated to the first two albums and the demo. Lustful Father was missing from the set unfortunately, but The Tressrising of Nyarlathotep would have to make up for that. The set ended with the title track of the demo Genisis of Aphogryphal Desire. Great gig really. And so actually it was two great gigs in two days.

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