Krisiun @ Baroeg, Rotterdam, 16 August 2019

During their summer festival tour Krisiun dropped by in the Baroeg for a gig. And Krisiun is always a lot of fun live. The club added two support acts to complete the bill.

The opening band was the Dutch Sepiroth. I never was impressed by the death metal they produced. It just lacks in the songwriting department. And most of the riffs are uninteresting. It’s brutal alright. And the new singer fits the music better than their previous singer though.

The second band was another Dutch band called Prostitute Disfigurement. I have seen them before a long time ago, and vaguely remember that they weren’t that interesting. Yet seeing them now again, it wasn’t bad. The only problem was the they had technical issues with one of the guitars and didn’t really fix them. That made the leads often sound horrible. The lyrics are as misogynistic as the band name implies. But musically it’s quite okay, although I’m not a huge fan of the vocals.

Then it was time for the three Brazilian brothers in Krisiun. They looked quite tired, especially the singer annex bass-player, and it showed a little in their performance which wasn’t always as tight as supposed to be. Never the less it was pretty much fun. The lead guitar work is crazy fast as always. And the drums pounding. It seemed to me that drummer Max was sitting crazily low. Anyway, the set was a mixture of songs from entire discography. They only played one song from their latest album, for which they have not done a headlining tour in Europe as far as I can tell. They ended their regular set with the title of their debut album Black Force Domain as some one from the audience shouted it in the microphone. Then they came back for two more songs, a cover from Motorhead’s best known song and Ominous. That concluded some 70 minutes of brutal death metal.

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