Memoriam @ Baroeg, Rotterdam, 29 September 2019

Memoriam have just released their third album in only three years, which is quite a feat. And they were doing a couple of gigs in Europe to promote the album. One of the gigs was in the Baroeg.

The opening band was a local band called Warborn Waste. They play somewhat modern, yet melodic death metal. Nothing really all that original, but not bad. Only the guitar solo’s were quite sloppy.

The second band was called Bruut. Formed by Corinne of Acrostichon who I had just seen last week, and two members of Crustacean. They play old school death metal mostly. Decent band, but certainly not as great as Acrostichon, bit cliched. But at least well played.

Every time I see Memoriam they seem to play with the Belgian band Fractured Insanity. They play more technical death metal. Generally quite fast, meaning lost op blast beats. I hate the sound of the triggered drums. Yet not bad but not really a style that I appreciate much.

Then finally it was time for Memoriam. It was pretty obvious that Karl was having a lot of fun being on stage. His vocals may have had their best times, but he enjoys what he does. Naturally the focus was on the new album, which is probably their best to date. The rhythm section is pretty solid as can be. They could do with two guitarist but all in all it sounds quite good anyway. The new songs work out live just fine. Great gig all in all.

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