Immolation @ Baroeg, Rotterdam, 23 November 2019

Immolation have been touring a lot the last couple of years. I think this is already the third tour they do for Atonement in Europe And they frequently appear in the Baroeg, which is very convenient for me as it is quite close by. And as they never let down it is interesting to go. So I headed to Rotterdam once again.

The first band on the bill were the Italians from Embryo. I wasn’t familiar with them, even though the already have a couple of albums out. They play a mixture of styles with mostly modern death metal, some industrial and metalcore. Some of the guitar leads were pretty cool and not all that conventional for a death metal band. Other than that a bit so-so

Monument of Misanthrophy also performed on the 2018 tour of Immolation. This Austrian band is often market as having members of the cult act Miasma, but I don’t think any one of these actually played on Changes. Anyway, this is mostly a blast fest. Done over and over again. It’s not bad, but it isn’t all that interesting either. They played a cover of Morbid Angel’s Fall from Grace, but that was pretty sloppy, especially during the fast bits.

The last support act was Ragnarok. Norwegian black metal has never really been my thing. Apparently I had seen them before but I don’t remember that at all. There was some interesting guitar work here, other than that it was a pretty mild impression of Marduk.

Then Immolation. They are still touring for Atonement and this tour was called the Last Atonement tour. They played obviously a lot of new songs but there was plenty room for other material. As always the band plays very tight. And the two founding members Ross and Rob are very active on stage, the second guitarist however seems to be practicing for statue. Those Left Behind was finally in the set this time, for the first time I have seen them I think. And good old Burn With Jesus was played too. An other highlight was Of Martyrs and Men. The only pity was that nothing from Failures for Gods was played. Really good gig from this veteran group.

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