Malevolent Creation, Musicon, The Hague, 10 August 2022

It doesn’t happen all that much that the Hague host death metal gigs or metal gigs in general. So when one does happen I can ride my bicycle to go and take a look. Malevolent Creation are a second tier Floridian Death metal band from the late 80s and were celebrating 30 years of their second album Retribution by touring Europe. Unfortunately their only original member – guitarist Phil Fasciana had some accident and had to stay home. The three other members completed the tour nevertheless.

They didn’t bring a support, so a local band filled that slot. It was the band Melting Eyes, from the Hague. I had seen them before in the same venue, a couple of years ago with Gruesome. It’s very generic death metal, mostly mid-paced, mostly in the early Floridian style – some Obituary, Death, Massacre. It’s quite well played, with some interesting lead guitar work here and there. I think they improved a little since last time.

Then Malevolent Creation. They started with a couple of songs – seven – from Retribution, The Coldest Survive and Monster were skipped. With only one guitar it sounded a bit thin. And the sound wasn’t all that great. The vocals have a bit of a hardcore feel to them. The drums were quite good. The bass was there too. After Retribution they played a few songs of their debut album, The Ten Commandments, and a few of Eternal. Multiple Stabwounds was the Encore. I’d like to have heard Thou Shall Kill or Malevolent Creation. A pretty good gig, but it feels a little strange when a band has no original members on stage. Still an interesting gig.

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