Soulburn, Little Devil, Tilburg, 6 November 2022

The 6th November has at least 3 option for metal gigs. Memoriam in Arnhem, the 2nd day of Dutch Doom Day in Rotterdam. I opted to go to Soulburn in Tilburg instead. This sort-of spin off band from Asphyx – It was founded by Bob and Eric. Then after the first album renamed back to Asphyx which then when defunct. In the end both bands got revived. Although it would be awesome to see the classic line-up of Asphyx one day, Soulburn is also a very interesting band. They embarked on a 3 day tour in Germany and the Netherlands with the German band Revel In Flesh.

With a band name like Revel In Flesh one expects something Swedeath in the vein of early Entombed. Well the truth isn’t far of. The HM-2 sound is there. It’s mostly mid-paced, groovy death metal with a lot of melodies. Musically it is relatively simple and hardly anything original. That said, it doesn’t sound bad at all. It sounds all quite solid. A good warm-up for the evening.

I have seen Soulburn a few times before since they re-united, but never as a headliner. It’s mostly blackened death metal with some doom metal thrown in, and of course the typical Eric Daniels riffs. The focus was on their latest album Noah’s Dark with five songs. The rest of the set was split between the other three albums, with really good songs like Withering Nights, I Do Not Bleed from Your Crown of Thorns, Where Splendid Corpses Are Towering Towards the Sun and the fast Crypts of the Black from the debut. Splendid performance. They closed the set with what is probably the best song of their latest album, Anarchrist, with its threatening intro and haunting melody line. Awesome gig.

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