Dutch Dooms Day 4

A day after the Vital Remains concert, the Dutch Dooms Day numero 4 was scheduled. A few bands had dropped off the bill (including Funeral) and that resulted in the only reason for me to go being Mourning Beloveth who headlined this festival. So I had to wait a long time.

At 18.00 “In Age and Sadness” started playing. This Dutch doom death outfit sounded quite well and was steady opener for this festival. The only thing that I didn’t like about them was their keyboard use and clean vocals, tho these were sparse. But all in all not bad at all.

The Irish Wreck Of The Hesperus were next and played a weird – a bit structureless – doom death; The bassist wore a monks outfit and was standing with his back to the audience the whole time. Some compare this to the mighty Autopsy, but I didn’t hear it.

Then Methadrone – an American band featuring Craig Pillard, formerly of Incantation. The band consists of two bass players and black to recorded drums. Fortunately this isn’t a second Bunker, but nevertheless it wasn’t really my thing.

But things could get worse as Stereochrist hit the stage. I wonder what this band was doing on this festival (they were touring with Methadrone they said) but this was not doom at all – I’d say this was more blues rock or something.

At least Nadja was doom – this Canadian outfit consist of two members, a guitarist who also handles some sparse vocals and his wife on bass. Boring as hell.

Finally it was time for the Irish Mourning Beloveth. They took it slow to build up the stage (taking more than 35 minutes). But when they were ready it can only be concluded that it was worth the wait. Kicking off with the longest song of the Sullen Sulcus – Narcissitic Funeral – set the tone for the gig perfectly. Darren’s voice sounded great and actually the whole band played well. The one exception was the fuckup in the song Apocalypse Machine, which was contrary to my expectations, the only track of their new album they played. The band continued with “Part 1”, “The Mountains are mine” and “The Word That Crawled” which filled up the hour playtime they had. Well then they came back for an encore in the form of “In Mourning My Days”. All in all a steady show and definitely worth the long wait.

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