Vital Remains @ Baroeg, October 2005

Vital Remains was touring Europe stating “That this tour is for the Fans and the Metal Underground!”. For that tour they brought several bands to play varying per venue. In Rotterdam Downscape was opening. And to put it bluntly this band sucked. I don’t who decided to put them on the bill. This German band played some nu-metal shit with some death metal overtones.

The second support was a whole lot better. Nominon play old school Swedish death metal along the likes of early Entombed, Grave and so on. And as a matter of fact they did it quite well. The band blends aggression with melody and good riffs quite well. The sound was good and the band enthusiastic. Songs they played Sickening, Condemned to Die, Under the Five-pointed star, white death and a lot more.

Then it was time for Vital Remains. Glen Benton couldn’t make apparently and neither could their drummer. So both had been replaced but no problem there – these guys handled it just as well (and I’ve never liked Deicide or Glen anyway). They played many songs of Dechristianize – starting off with th intro of the album ”Let The Killing Begin” – and pulled it off quite well – a bit to my surprise as I thought that they had cheated on the album at least with thee drums. Further they played some older songs including “Battle Ground” from Forever Underground. Some more songs: Dechristianize, Savior to none failure for All, Unleash hell.

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