Opeth @ 013, September 2005

I only recently discovered Opeth – at least I knew them from the time Orchid came out, but didn’t think to much of it at that time. Now that they toured Europe to promote their new album “Ghost Reveries” it was time for me to check them out live.

The support band for the night was Extol from Norway who were given a 30 minute time slot to play their songs. I thought they were pretty dull so after a few songs I decided to check out the Opeth merchandise.

After about 30 minutes of setting up the the stage, appeared with session drummer Martin Axenrot. The band started off with a track of their new album (Baying of the Hounds). Despite some technical problems the sound was pretty good. The band obviously needed to loosen up a bit cause during the first couple of songs they were all just standing, later on they moved around a bit too. The set list varied from most albums except the two first, including When, Deliverance, The Drapery Falls, The Grand Conjuration, Black Water Park. The two songs from Damnation were not for me – these “progressive” songs (In my time of need, To rid the disease) are not my liking, and “Face of Melissa” was not a good choice from Still Life either. The encore Demon of the Fall concluded the set after about 2 hours. All-in-all, it was a descent show but I seem to enjoy Opeth more on album than live.

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