Decapitated @ Baroeg 9 September 2005

Decapitated came to the Netherlands again on their European tour, bringing three other bands. The first band to hit the stage was UK’s DAM. It thought that DAM was an eighties band, but this was quite a join band. Nevertheless they were a quite mediocre death metal band and had a pretty terrible sound.

Next up were the Dutch Detonation who played a form of melodic death metal with sufficient aggression and variation to stay interesting. Maybe somewhat along the lines of earlier Dark Tranquillity. The sound problems had been cleared up mostsly. Technical problems unfortunately ended their set prematurely.

Gorerotted from the UK was the third support band, but it turned out most people came to see them. I don’t really understand why, as this band is rather dull and not tight at all (esp the drummer sucks totally).

Finally it was time for Decapitated who now have a new singer. He kept his lyrics sheet on stage though and used them a few times too. Natheless he was a worthy replacement of Sauron. They skillfully worked through their too short set list of 10 songs covering all their albums in a mere 45 minutes. I guess this tour was a bit of a warm up for their new singer, before the release of their forthcoming album. All-in-all this was a steady performance, but these guys could work a bit on their stage act.

Songs: Winds of Creation, Nihility, The Fury, Three-dimensional defect, lying and weak, sensual sickness, the negation, Perfect Dehumanisation, Morther War, Spheres of madness, and one more.

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