Macabre @ Bibelot, August 2005

So this is the show that Macabre planned to record for a DVD and announced they’d play many songs they haven’t played often before. So as I arrived, the notes on the door stated that they would play a double set. This was also the first time I got frisked to get inside a club.

Anyway at nine sharp, the first band to play were Dutch thrashers Flesh Made Sin. I had seen them before, and altho they’re not bad they aren’t really great either. But nevertheless a decent set and the band was enthusiastic. Sound was okay, but the lights were terrible… Among their own 6 tracks they played a Slayer cover and did it pretty well.

Then it was time for Prostitute Disfigurement. Another I cannot get really enthusiastic about. A rather redundant death grind band with incomprehensible vocals.

After a long time it took to set up the stage it was finally time for Macabre. Especially Dennis took a long time fiddling with his drumkit (and little bit up, a little bit down – damn what does 2 cm matter). Anyway, Nefarious and Corporate Death were dressed up like on the picture in the booklet (Nefarious looking like Ed Gein. The sound wasn’t really perfect, especially the vocals were a bit off. I dunno if this was a problem with the sound setup or caused by Corporate Death. They played a set containing 25 songs split in two halves. Halfway they left the stage for some 10 minutes while the acoustic CD from Macabre Minstrels played. I wasn’t really impressed by their set. Lots of stuff from Murder Metal – and album I don’t like that much. And furthermore very few special songs they had rarely played before. The only one I could spot was “Coming to Chicago”. Most of the set list was comprised of classics from early albums and stuff from Murder Metal. I also felt that they played a bit slower than they used to be. Hell, 5 years ago they would play some 25 songs in an hour now it took them more than 90 minuts to play them – are they getting old or what? Anyway… it wasn’t a bad show – they really tried hard but I have seen them a lot better when they promoted the Dahmer album back in 2000. At least then they were tight as fuck – but maybe Corporate Deaths on-stage drinking doesn’t help that either (he said that he’d never drink alcohol before or during the show – but he drank bottle after bottle of beer this night)

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