Krisiun @ Baroeg 6 August 2005

Krisiun tours Europe again, kicking off in the Baroeg in Rotterdam. This time they didn’t bring any support bands on their tour so local venues needed to book their on. In Rotterdam, it was the Dutch band Carceri that was selected to open for Krisiun.

Carceri play a mixture of brutal and melodic death metal and in fact weren’t bad at it at all – tho they didn’t look like a death metal band at all, with caps, sneakers and no long hair. Among their own compositions they played two covers, one of Slayer (Killing Field) and on of Suffocation.

Next up there was Krisiun. The sound was good – in fact this was also the case with Carceri – altho I heard some ppl complain that it was very loud, but through my earplugs it sounded just perfect. Every instrument was clearly audible. And like always these three Brazilian guys play brutal death metal and do it very fast but also very tight. They worked their way through a varied set of songs of nearly all albums. Some songs include: Hatred Inherit, Conquerors of Armageddon, Murderer, Vengeance Revelation, Thorns of Heaven. No encore unfortunately – so after no more than 50 minutes it was over.

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