Hobbs’ Angel of Death @ Little Devil, Tilburg, 4 December 2015

Peter Hobbs has been quite active the last couple of years. I think this is the third European tour in three years. This time around with Swedish revived death metal band Interment. And as before a stop in the Little Devil cafe was planned.

The venue added another support act, namely Lucifericon which is a local band. I had seen them before and thought that that they were okay, but nothing particularly earth-shattering. They play death metal with some black metal touches here and there. And this night it was pretty much the same. They play quite decent, particularly the drummer, but somehow the songs sound much the same and start to blur after a couple of tunes. So it is quite an entertaining warm-up for a few songs.

Then it was Interment’s turn. Apparently a lot of the crowd came especially for this band. The guitar sound is thick with the traditional Swedish HM-2 buzzsaw sound. The drums and bass are quite basic, as are the vocals. They somehow remind me of the mighty Dismember, but they definitively lack in the songwriting department. Also during the faster parts the guitars were quite sloppy, fuzzing the riffs. I actually thought it to be quite a mediocre gig.

But then again, the main reason to go was Hobbs’ Angel of Death. Their first – and classic – self-titled album of Slayeresque thrash with some death metal influences was released 30 years ago. Their second album went by pretty much unnoticed, but isn’t bad at all. And according to Peter Hobbs himself, they have recorded a new album. Obviously they played a great many songs of the debut, that sound surprisingly fresh to this day. Peter formed a group of proficient musicians aroud him, in particular the lead guitarist, and a very solid drummer. They sounded tight and quite furious, as it should be. A minor issues was Peter’s vocals that seemed to have had its best time, his teethlessness didn’t help much either. Apart from classic material they also played a couple of new songs, as they did last time I saw them. They blend well in the set, but seem to be a bit faster and tend more to death metal style. As before the second album was skipped entirely, even though Depopulation was on the set list. So it was quite worth itto drive to Tilburg for this gig.

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