De Raggende Manne @Paard, Den Haag, 13 April 2019

After many, many years the legendary band De Raggende Manne have released a new album. And a tour through the Netherlands was planned. Shortly before the start of the tour, singer Bob Fosko was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Nevertheless they opted to do the tour and plan Bob’s treatments to effect the tour as little […]

Pestilence @ Baroeg, Rotterdam, 24 March 2019

Afer three earlier gigs this month featuring a couple of oldest Dutch death metal bands, including Ceremony, Acrostichon and Thanatos, this Sunday afternoon gig was headlined by none other than Pestilence with their Reduced to Ashes tour, for which they would play the entire Consuming Impulse record. Even though Pestilence may be the biggest name […]

Thanatos, 16 March 2019, Baroeg, Rotterdam

Another day, another gig. Thanatos were celebrating their 35 years anniversary in their home-town of Rotterdam. The Baroeg was already quite full when I arrived. The first band of the evening was Graceless. A relatively new death metal band, playing rather slow old school death metal. It’s based around mostly a simple riff and straightforward […]

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